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Education Principles

The Mission of Canadian International School

CIS Teachers
At Canadian International School Tokyo our commitment is to empower students to become effective, independent learners: confident in their abilities and principled in their actions.

Core Educational Principles

Academic excellence
CIS provides an educational program which identifies the strengths and needs of each student. Teachers require that students maintain a strong work ethic both during school time and for homework assignments. Canadian curriculum provides for the student opportunities to produce excellent work. Each student is encouraged and supported in achieving personal goals thus promoting the development of a strong self concept and a “reach” for excellence.
International Education & Personal Development
Students are encouraged to take time to understand themselves while at the same time caring about their community and one another. Providing students with opportunities to meet and work with others who have diverse backgrounds helps students to develop a personal international awareness.
Assessment practices
Students are exposed to a variety of assessment practices, to reveal different strengths. Fair techniques of student evaluation, as used in Canadian schools, ensure that all students have the opportunity for success and improvement.
Canadian International School holds all responsible for their share of the responsibility for the educational process. Students, teachers, administrators, directors and parents each have an important role to play in providing the best education possible. CIS will encourage each partner in the educational process to take responsibility for their share.
Canadian International School
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