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School Tour

Building A (K3/4, K5, G3, and Main Office)
Multi-purpose Hall (Building A)
Class Room (Building A)
Activity Room (Building A)
Class Room (Building A)
School Office (Building A)
Building B (G2-G6)
Entrance (Building B)
Computer Lab. (Building B)
Corridor (Building B)
Class Room (Building B)
Roof Area (Building B)
Staff Office (Building B)
Building C (G1,2, and G7-12)
Entrance Hall ( Building C )
High School Class Room (Building C)
Elementary School Class Room (Building C)
Cafeteria (Building C)
Computer Lab. (Building C)
Art & Music Room (Building C)
Library (Building C)
Science Lab. (Building C)
Gym (Building C)
Class Room (Building C)
Multi-purpose Hall (Building C)
School Tour of Canadian International School
Canadian Intarnational School
5-8-20 Kitashinagawa Shinagawaku Tokyo Japan
TEL: 03-5793-1392
FAX: 03-5793-3559
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