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Student Council


The first CIS student council was elected in 2007. Within the council, there are four executives: president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The remaining 14 members of the council are made up of two representatives from each grade (6-12). All members of student council are elected fairly and with respect for all students
Student Council members are responsible for organizing school events, parties, fund raising for charity, managing student money, and encouraging all students to take responsibility in their school. The particular style of the council has changed over the years depending on its members.

Who are we ?

We are the high school student council of Canadian International School of Tokyo. We represent the student body, from grade six to twelve. Our association is divided into two parts; Executives and Homeroom Representatives. Executives include president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Homeroom Representatives represent each of their regarding homerooms. We are responsible for school-events, fund raising for various charities, and encouraging students to be an active, responsible member of our school. We also work as a bridge between school administrators and the student body when any problems or concerns arise.

What is our goal ?

We aim to be the voice of the student body, and help to improve students’ school-life throughout the year. Student Council is for the students, hence it has been focusing specifically on what the students want. Also, with our weekly meetings, we try our best to make events, parties and fund-raising very interesting and fun for everyone. Our ultimate goal is to make sure students are happy and valuable in the school. --
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